What I learned while prepping for San Francisco Comic Con

Main thing I've learned is that prepping for a three day conference to sell your art takes a ton of work. Luckily, Lyla Warren has been coaching me through this whole process. Thanks Lyla – you rule.

Greeting cards printed by Smartpress

I printed greeting cards at Smartpress on the recommendation of fellow artists. Their free paper samples, easy to use website and high quality prints made them a solid choice. Options for printing multiple versions in one print run enabled me to print 6 different cards. Cost for 300 came to about $1.50 a card, including an envelope. This included shipping.  

Packaging from ClearBags

ClearBags provide plastic sleeves, mailing envelopes and other products useful for packaging prints and crafts. Their prices are reasonable and the quality seems good so far. 

Prints from Static Medium

Following a printer attribution detail from the Signalnoise web store, I found a print shop called Static Medium who specialize in gallery quality digital prints. They ended up being an excellent choice. I printed 200 8x8 prints (10 different pieces). Cost came to about $5 a print. More expensive that printing at home, but far less hassle.


I got most of my display stuff at Target and Home Goods. Lyla recommended I use a box to display my prints. I printed the stories of each Poofy to reside in the back of every print and sticker. I've found that people get more excited about the art when they read the bios of each Poofy. 

Poofy stories! Included with every print, sticker, card or mug.

Poofy stories! Included with every print, sticker, card or mug.

Adorable mini chalk board

Adorable mini chalk board

Little box for storing my prints.

Little box for storing my prints.

Framed Poofy prints

Framed Poofy prints

Business cards

I originally got some super nice business cards printed at moo.com. However, I learned that giving away business cards is a strong form of customer engagement. This meant I had to find a place where I could get a large quantity printed for a bit cheaper. I used Vista Prints. I can say that their website is not the most fun to use, but the price is good if quantity is the goal. Moo.com is superior for high quality cards. 

Come to San Francisco Comic Con

For those in the Bay Area, San Francisco Comic Con is this weekend, June 8-10. I'll be at booth A11 in Artist Alley with Lyla Warren and Little Brigade. Hope to see you there!

New Poofy Prints on Etsy

In 3 weeks, the Poofy Emporium will debut at San Francisco Comicon with a booth in Artist Alley. In preparation, I've created prints, cards, stickers and mugs to sell at the event.

Mini prints created for the event are now available for sale on my Etsy store. These prints are 4.7" x4.7" and printed on thick 32 pt thick uncoated stock. Collect them all!

Poofy Alphonz

Poofy Alphonz has uncommon camouflage fur that enables him to hide in freshly mown grass. When not vexing unsuspecting golfers, Alphonz can be found eating golf balls or burrowing in well manicured sand traps.

Poofy Shuggie

Poofy Shuggie loves to dance, boogie, shuffle and prance. Her favorite thing is to bowl cabbages onto the dance floor to inspire people to make up new moves or suffer the consequences.

Poofy Marcel Cozyreff

Poofy Marcel Cozyreff is always ready to hang out. He loves spending time with animals of all sorts. He's been accepted into a gang of opossums, a group of eurasian beavers and regularly visits a tribe of yeti crabs. If you ever need a Poofy to go on an adventure with, Marcel is your guy.

Poofy Perroshki

Poofy Pineapple

Poofy Pineapple is from Virgin Islands and enjoys yelling at tourists and terrorizing the local cat population. When not strutting about, Poofy Pineapple can be found playing the cajón in his band, Aggressive Fuzz, started with his uncle, Poofy Furcube.

Poofy Moofus

Poofy Moofus loves having smiling contests.

Poofy Oliver

Poofy Oliver is magically blessed with a perfect curly poof. The magic comes from a 6 leafed clover that Oliver found while prancing thru Ireland. She ate the magic clover. Nothing happened. She has always looked this way.

Poofy Splotch

Poofy Splotch has arms. They’re just buried under his splotches. Sometimes his splotches itch. His arms are useful for scratching itches.

Poofy Streusel

Poofy Streusel likes desserts. Chocolate, brownies, strawberries, cream, cookies, creme brûlée, caramel, blueberries, fudge, and of course streusel. She also likes asparagus.

Poofy Latimore

Poofy Latimore is half peacock. Being part peacock, he has a deep soulful voice with amazing range and perfect pitch. So he naturally picked up lounge singing for tips at the local vacuum repair shop. His favorite song to sing is “Quando, Quando, Quando”. It really gets the crowd moving.

Poofy Frawna

Poofy Frawna likes to illegally pick flowers from highway medians. She is often blown around the road like a tumbleweed. You may find her stuck in your windshield wipers gnawing at the rubber while showing you her pretty flowers.

Poofy Bambatta

By day, Poofy Bambatta runs in the golden hills above West Fuzzleburg pretending he's a Chow Chow. He sniffs for flowers and wags a tail he doesn't have. At night, he hits the town at Fuzzdisco, where he's revered for his pop and lock dancing.

Society6 & Redbubble Print Reviews

I ordered several items from my Society6 and Redbubble stores to review the quality. These videos provide more detailed info if you're considering purchasing items from my stores.  

TL;DR: Most things are good. There was some inconsistency with t-shirt prints from Society6 and one issue with a notebook from Redbubble. I also noticed some of the pouches were not totally square. Overall though, I'm pretty impressed with the quality for this kind of digital on demand printing.

Society6 Throw Blankets

Society6 Carry All Pouches

Redbubble Greeting Cards

Society6 T-shirts

Society6 Stickers

Society6 Prints

Society6 Mugs

Redbubble Notebooks

Visit the Poofy Emporium Society6 store or Poofy Emporium Redbubble store to browse the full inventory of Poofy items.